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5 Ways To Master The Art of Creating Sexual Tension

We’ll let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t take a killer body or the type of looks which most girls would kill to have to be able to make men go crazy.

The secret? Creating sexual tension.

But do you know how to build up sexual tension with men? How to drive him so crazy that he is going to want you right now? Sit back, and get ready for a treat. Creating sexual tension is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Problem:

Have you always felt like a bit of a wooden doll on the dance floor as opposed to a slithering, sexual magnet (on word ladies: Zumba!)? When it comes to talking to men, do you feel like you come across as a bit icy, or a bit distant instead of teasing and inviting?

Nodding your head yes? Then building sexual tension probably hasn’t been your forte. Lighting the fire of desire and keeping the flames burning strong has probably never been something that you have been good at (unfortunately, you might be better at putting out fires than getting them burning).

Listen up ladies! There is some good news. You can change your approach. You can be a guy magnet. It’s up to you to start harnessing the amazing power of anticipation.

The Power of Anticipation

Guys like to play the game as much as girls do when it comes to ramping up the desire before the two of you jump into bed. Why? Because anticipation is amazing and it makes the sex even better.

…sometimes anticipation is even better than sex itself.

We experience intense emotions whenever we’re thinking about things that are to come – such as sex. When talking and flirting with a guy we really like, we develop fantasies of what sleeping with him might be like. And he does, too. So if you can build the sexual tension, the event itself is going to be amazing. What to do? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few ways to get the sexual tension hoppin’:

1. Be a Ferocious Flirt

Not all women are good flirts, but it’s high time that you found out how to flirt like a goddess. Flirting is probably the best way of letting someone know that you dig them and want to take it to the next level. It is also your strongest tool for ramping up the sexual tension between yourself and the dude. To build sexual tension via flirting, you have to get a bit naughty with what you say. I’m not saying that you should get horrendously filthy, but you should try to be a bit more outrageous than your usual attempts. What you ideally need to do is mix subtlety with directness. Instead of being brazen with what you want, subtly hint at it. Plant the seed in his head. Make him muse. Make him wonder. Make him ache with desire. Keep in mind that if you’re too subtle, you’re verging on the subliminal. And he possibly won’t get your coded flirting!


2. Touch Him

After flirting, touch is your next best weapon as you seek to drive sexual tension between you. Again, you need to be subtle. Don’t overdo things by going over the top. Don’t grope him. Run your fingertips along his face while complimenting his smooth skin. Run your hand through his hair, caressing it. Press a finger on his lips, telling him to be quiet. It’s incredibly powerful and sexy.

3. Be Risqué

Being risqué can get you guys in a lot of trouble. And it’s that element of risk that is key to ramping up sexual tension between to conceivable level that you guys can cope with.

As Michael J. Apter points out in his book The Dangerous Edge: The Psychology of Excitement, taking risks takes us to higher states of arousal. Whether we’re jumping out of planes or frolicking with our man in places we know we shouldn’t, euphoria erupts. And when you share this euphoria with a man, the results can be really spectacular. You want each other more – but you both know you have to wait…


4. Sit Close

Wherever you guys take a seat, be it at his house, your house or at a coffee shop or bar, make sure to always sit close to him. Touch his thighs and arms with yours. You’ll be surprised at how a little (subtle) physical contact will drive you both crazy.


5. Always Dress To Impress

You’ve got the body, so use it. Never meet him looking like a poorer version of your best self. Always look your best. Wear the right outfits that accentuate your curves. Tease him with some skin. Wear heels. Once you’ve caught his attention with a killer outfit, he won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

You have all the tools that you need to be the siren of his dreams. Make them work for you!

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