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8 Things You Can Learn About Someone From a Single Kiss

According to some studies, the average woman kisses about 15 men, has 2 long-term relationships, and experiences heartbreak at least twice before she meets “the one” and gets married. In fact, it’s the first kiss that offers a little insight into your future relationships as it can reveal a lot more about a partner and their feelings toward you than you could guess.

8. Is there chemistry between you and your partner?

You can’t put chemistry into words. It’s something that you just feel when you experience it firsthand. When your lips touch your partner’s lips, do you wish the moment would last forever or do you want it to end as soon as possible? Even if your partner is not the best kisser in the world, if you feel a strong connection to them, it’s a great sign.

However, if you feel disappointed after making out and there aren’t any sparks between the two of you at all, then that probably isn’t going to change. Chemistry doesn’t come and go, it should be there from the very start.

7. Will your partner be good in bed?

It’s commonly thought that the first kiss can tell you a lot about your future relationships including issues involving sex. In fact, much of the technique used during a first kiss is applied later in the bedroom, so you can easily decide if sleeping with your partner would actually be worth it.

You should pay attention not only to your partner’s lips, but you should feel their hands, how they move, which parts of your body they prefer to caress, etc. Hands touching, bodies leaning, legs intertwining — all this creates an additional connection between the 2 of you. And if your partner engages their whole body when kissing, it’s more likely that they will do the same in bed.

6. Is your partner confident enough?

The way your partner approaches a first kiss can actually indicate their level of confidence. Do they fidget nervously with their keys before leaning toward you? Do they try to force the kiss on you? Does your boyfriend go in for the kiss with his head held high? Does your girlfriend answer by putting her arms around your neck?

A confident person knows what they’re doing and they don’t regret it. So if you feel confident when kissing your partner and know that they feel the same way, that’s probably the relationship you’re looking for.

Another sign of confidence is that your partner isn’t afraid to compliment you or address the kiss. If they’re willing to show their emotions after the first kiss, they won’t hide anything from you in the future.

5. Does your partner take care of themselves?

Although it may sound quite obvious, almost nobody pays attention to their partner’s hygiene during the first kiss. However, it actually may reveal a lot about their attitude towards you.

Does their breath taste like peppermint gum? Do they wear perfume? Have they taken a shower beforehand? If so, you’re lucky because your partner cares about your opinion.

In the opposite case, don’t be stuck in the illusion that it happened only once. Even if you hadn’t had any plans to kiss each other, your partner should be well acquainted with the rules of personal hygiene. So if you feel that they haven’t even brushed their teeth, they certainly won’t bother with using mouthwash for any future kisses.

4. Is your partner a good listener?

When you kiss, you can’t explain to your partner what you’re looking for with words. So here, your body language plays a really important role. The main trick is to see if your partner can follow your lead. For example, if you don’t like tongue thrusts and you show him or her that you don’t, they are supposed to stop insisting and adjust to your rhythm.

In each act of kissing, we send dozens of micro-signs, alerting the person how strongly to push or pull back, how much tongue to share, and so on. If your partner picks up on all of your clues, it may be a good sign! It means that he or she actually pays attention to your needs and is ready to make some little sacrifices for the sake of your relationship.

3. How serious will your relationship be?

Obviously, if a person kisses you, he or she confirms their attraction toward you. However, it’s not necessarily a sign of any serious intentions. Just because your partner is attracted to you doesn’t mean that they have clarified what kind of relationship they’re interested in having.

There are certain indicators that are worth thinking about after your first kiss. For example, was it just a first kiss or a first grope too? Did you feel like your partner was easing into the kiss or were they in a rush?

Don’t forget about your feelings either. Did that kiss leave you wanting more? Have you started dreaming of your future together? Or maybe you can’t imagine living with this person under one roof? You should answer all these questions to clarify your intentions as well.

2. Does your partner rush things?

The first kiss may also show you if your partner is too pushy or not. If you’ve noticed that your partner tries to kiss you on the lower part of your body, puts their tongue right into your ear, or is eager to slide a hand up your shirt, then they most likely want only to sleep with you.

When your partner doesn’t understand your body language and pushes you to do something that you’re not comfortable doing even after you’ve made it clear that you don’t want to, it’s a sign of a really bad start. Obviously, this person doesn’t know the importance of being patient and simply can’t enjoy what he or she has at the moment.

1. Is your partner appreciative?

The way your partner treats you right after your first kiss is important in defining their attitude toward you. Just look at their reaction.

Do they pull away from the kiss looking happy that you allowed them to touch your precious lips? Do they smile afterward? Are their eyes shiny and waiting for something more?

Positive answers to all these questions mean that your partner is really excited to be right there with you. So it’s likely that you’ve found the right person who will respect you and appreciate every moment you will spend together.

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